Juggernaut Defense, LLC is a trusted product development resource specializing in the design, engineering, and prototyping of equipment for the dismounted warfighter.


Since 2000 Juggernaut Defense has been engaged in many programs like OFW (Objective Force Warrior), BAO-Kit (Battlefield Airman Operator), and GSE/NETT Warrior sustaining special operation missions in support of GWOT (Global War on Terror) and conventional combat operations.  These projects and programs have relied on Juggernaut for innovative design solutions that meet user needs, are engineered for quality and durability, and can be manufactured within today’s competitive defense budgets.   Many of these projects have involved getting hands-on experience through exercise participation and gathering immediate feedback from warfighters returning from theater.  Juggernaut’s key investigators have specific experience integrating technology into the warfighter’s gear and ensuring design objectives related to mobility, comfort, lethality, and safety are considered.

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